Data backup & restoration

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Data backup & restoration

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if any of you have a recommendation on processes or vendors for backing up your Marketo (or Salesforce) data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Right now we're doing this on the Salesforce side, generating CSVs that have to be downloaded on a set day of the month, but this is a manual process for our SFDC admins and I'm wondering if there is a better way.  We'd also like the ability to easily "undo" changes if a field value is changed by mistake for a set of records.  Again, this is possible using the CSV backups that we pull from Salesforce, but it has to be done via the Data Loader or large list import, and we want to explore options for simplifying the entire process.

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Re: Data backup & restoration

I strongly recommend doing this from the SFDC side with SesameSoft's Relational Junction. RJ is not only a long-term archive/warehouse but has the ability to restore from archived data back into SFDC and create new object entries. In fact I was just doing this at a client the other day, populating a bunch of mucked-up Contacts with old values we had in RJ.

You may hear from some people advertising their Marketo-side products, but AFAICS none of them are built for the restore/update scenario nor mature enough to be trusted yet.  Of course if fields to be restored are not synced to SFDC you will have to find another angle.