Changes on Live Email Program

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Changes on Live Email Program

Hi All,

I have a live email program that was scheduled for send in recipient time zone. We realized after approving and sending the email that the link was broken. The program is showing 9% as sent, and the remaining as 'delivered'.

If the link in the asset is updated and approved, will the new link be sent to the remaining emails? Or will they all receive the broken link? I tried looking into aborting the program but that button no longer exists under approval as status is listed as 'finished'.


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Re: Changes on Live Email Program

Probably a little late for you, but it does look as though the original email would still be sent. Once the send is initiated everything is placed, ultimately, into an Outbox if you will. It should also be noted that the time of the actual SEND (as opposed to the delivery, hour later) will be used in accordance with your Communication Limits (just something to be aware of).

Thanks to @Jessica_Kao3 and @Brooke_Bartos for contributing