Campaign members

Campaign members

Good afternoon all!

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  Our SFDC instance is greatly over its storage and our campaign members are the cause.  What I am hoping to do is delete close to 2million campaign members out of SFDC but NOT out of Marketo.  The documentation I am finding is showing how to delete a member or 2 not a mass.  Has anyone else dealt with this issue and if so can you please tell me what you did to resolve this issue.


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Deleting contacts/leads from Salesforce does not automatically delete them from Marketo. See documentation here: SFDC Sync: Deleting a Lead/Contact - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

In terms of deleting people en masse from Salesforce, work with your Salesforce admin, if you have one, and it should be easy for them to remove records. If you are deleting that many records you should do it directly from Salesforce.

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Re: Campaign members

Hi Stephanie,

We created a custom checkbox field called Marketo Auto Sync. Then we set up a custom filter on our sync (open a ticket with support) that only allows those with Marketo Auto Sync = True sync back and forth. Then, you can implement your rules around who gets the value = true within Marketo and within Salesforce.

In your case, you can do the same for clean up, after creating the custom field and applying the custom sync filter with support, mark the leads with Marketo Auto Sync false in Marketo, then remove them from Salesforce. That way it doesn't try to create them again when syncing to Salesforce.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Geoffrey and Amanda,

I am quite sure that the issue is not about stopping sync'ing leads here

Stephanie Gilbert

Getting a SFDC instance cluttered with campaign members is a frequent issue. This happens often when you sync programs with campaigns and have a lot of program members.

There are ways to resolve your issue, depending on whether or not your campaigns are synchronized with programs or not.

If the campaigns are not sync'ed with programs, go ahead, deactivate the campaigns in SFDC (field active = False) and delete the campaign members from SFDC.

If the campaigns are sync'ed with programs, this will be much longer. you will have to go to each program and click the SFDC campaign sync and set it back to"none" to stop the sync. The you can go to SFDC and delete the campaign members. Bdetter also to deactivate the campaigns as well.

And vote here :


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Well, there is another question now.

We need to delete campaign members in SFDC but my fear is that if we delete them, will they also be deleted in Marketo. Now in addition to that, if we delete them in SFDC, since we have the sync set up, will the sync happen again. Meaning, after we delete them out of SFDC and they aren’t deleted Marketo, will the sync just push them back?

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From what I'm understanding you do not simply want to remove the leads from an SFDC campaign, but instead want to delete them from your entire SFDC instance.

This can be done easily from within Marketo. Create a smart campaign and use the flow step Delete Person from SFDC. Make sure to set the Delete from Marketo to FALSE. This will make sure they are only deleted from SFDC.

Note: If there is an update in Marketo to any of those deleted, they will sync back to Salesforce

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We need to delete campaign members in SFDC but do not want them to be deleted in Marketo.

If they still remain in Marketo and they should come back to us for something in the future, will it create and entirely new lead?

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If you delete a lead in salesforce and that same lead is updated in any way in Marketo, it will create it as a new lead in salesforce. If you want to prevent the person from syncing back to Salesforce, here is a helpful article that can help you accomplish that. It talks about only deleting leads from Marketo, but that same logic can be used for the opposite.

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Here is another article you can look at to prevent deleted leads from syncing back to Salesforce. It requires the assistance of Marketo support, but is still a viable option.

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Ok – I deleted a lead in SFDC and I am doing a test to see if I look back tomorrow if the lead is still in fact there. This lead was DQ’d in our system and hasn’t been updated since 2015. When I look at the lead in Marketo, it states the last activity on this was 1/20/17 but when I look at the record in SF it has zero information dating back to 2017..