Calling a Webhook

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Calling a Webhook


We are currently testing a Webhook process to grab info from an external system and pass into an email/smart campaign for delivery.  in this case we are looking at -  is to call a fullpath to an image i.e. 

The JSON is called and is valid as you can see below (links obfuscated for obvious reasons).  The webhook then calls data.image and links to a Marketo field (called jsonresponse - i.e.  ({{lead.jsonresponse:default=Webhook call failed}}

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "id": "12345",
        "title": "Black & White",
        "link": "",
        "text": "lorem ipsum dolor amit",
        "image": ""

I have set this up in a smart campaign (call webhook, wait 2 mins, then send email) and set the email to go but everytime it sends it only gives me Webhook Failed.   Marketo under Activity Log gives me a response code of 1000 which I am unsure of success/failure etc and without any fiurther debugging capabilities I am at a loss on why it could be failing.

Any help/thoughts greatly appreciated.


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Re: Calling a Webhook

Neil, I believe error 1000 means that you're running this as a Batch campaign, while Webhooks only work in trigger campaigns. You can create a trigger campaign and request that trigger campaign in a batch campaign (or run a flow action for a specific lead).