Calendar event not saving directly into Outook calendar

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Calendar event not saving directly into Outook calendar


I would like to send an email that includes a calendar event so that the recipients of this email can save the event into their calendar as a reminder.

I've followed the steps carefully and created first, a Calender event File and then a Calender Event. After inserting my token, I sent a test email to check that the link works.

When I clicked onto the link, instead of popping the event into my Outlook calendar, it wants to save it as a iCal file on my computer. And to add it to my calender, I then have to open the saved iCal file - which then opens as a Outlook calender page. To add the event to my calender, I have to click "Save and Close".

Is there a way to avoid this step? I'd like for my clients to have a one-step click and pop the event straight into their calendar, without having to first save the iCal file etc etc. Majority of my clients would be on Outlook.



Re: Calendar event not saving directly into Outook calendar

Hi Shirleen,

1/ Please move your question to Products​ where it belongs. Marketing Central​ is for generic Marketing questions and you will get more answers on Products​. The move button is in the right pane of the screen.

2/ The Marketo system has this limitation indeed. AFAIK, there are some launch point solutions that might be able to help here and some alternative ways have also been discussed in the community, if you run a search on "ical", you might find your way