Best Practices for Marketo Tags

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Best Practices for Marketo Tags

Hey Guys,

We are trying to find the best ways to utilize tags in Marketo for reporting. I am unable to find the best ways to group programs together for the revenue cycle. Can some give me some tips?


Re: Best Practices for Marketo Tags

Hi Leslie, just to confirm.. you're trying to use these in RCE, correct? Unfortunately at this time that's the only place you can use this data.

I will use them for many things, but I particularly like using them to identify campaigns (big picture campaigns, not Marketo campaigns) that include multiple channels/tactics, or revenue and pipeline being driven by actions from a specific team member or region.

Overall, I find that they're most helpful for collecting cross-channel points of influence.

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Re: Best Practices for Marketo Tags

Leslie Green

To further Dory's comment, think of tags as additional dimensions in your program reports. When you report on your programs, what are the higher level buckets that you would want to group things by?

There is one tag built in which is the channel tag.

Other popular groupings are geography, business unit, program owner, etc. But this will really depend on your unique business and what you need. If none of this info is relevant to you, you may not need tags.

Also keep in mind some of the restrictions of tags - the primary one being that they are not multi-select, meaning that it isn't good for metadata types where you may want to choose more than one of a range of values.

E.g., if you have have a tag called "Product Focus" indicating the product being promoted, and you have 10 product lines, and a campaign can promote any combination of those 10'd quickly end up with a mess of values. It's better to use some shortforms in your program naming convention that you can filter on in that case.


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