Automated Birthday emails not working


Automated Birthday emails not working

Hi all,

I am currently working on a Birthday campaign and quite new to building Marketo campaigns.

I did the steps like explained here: /blogs/marketowhisperer/2016/04/23/sending-a-birthday-message 

Problem: The trigger campaign is showing this:


Do I have to click "Run once" in the batch campaign in order to see campaign members here? Or are then emails sent out already?


Thanks for your help!



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Re: Automated Birthday emails not working

It will start showing the members as they qualify. Has the campaign been requested for members to show? If so, they should start showing up in those numbers. From the documentation, the first is a triggered campaign that needs to be activated. The second is a batch campaign that you have to run in order to add people to the triggered campaign so that they are in the wait step until their birthday date.

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Re: Automated Birthday emails not working

Hi Christin, 

Did you make sure people qualified for the batch campaign prior to running it? Once that runs the campaign should be requested and people will get added to the campaign and wait until their next birthday to receive the email. 


Cory Gabor

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