Associating lead source with content

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Associating lead source with content


I was wondering if anyone faces the same problem as I do with associating lead source with the content because although those values are captured in Marketo, there is no association between them.

Here is a scenario...

1) On 6/1, lead A attended webcast A (lead source) and signed up for a trial X (content).  Both webcast A and trial A are captured in separate fields.

2) On 6/5, lead B organically signed up for trial X (content).  Then, on 6/10, lead B watched webcast A on-demand (lead source).

Ideally, Marketo should have had associations between webcast A and trial X for lead A, and organic and trial X for lead B.  But for some reasons, it does not.

So later (after 6/10), when I wanted to see how webcast A drives people to trial X, Marketo smartlist would return lead A and lead B since both watched webcast A and signed up for trial X whereas lead B should not have been picked because it signed up for trial X before watching webcast A.

Has anyone tried to create a smartlist that would accurately pick lead A and not lead B in this scenario?



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Re: Associating lead source with content

You need to use Programs to better do this association.

I've written about this before:

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and there are plenty of threads on this right here in the Community.