Any update on when customers will be migrated to Munchkin v2?

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Any update on when customers will be migrated to Munchkin v2?

Back in 2015 - when Marketo changed the way it treats anonymous leads (essentially removing access to them until they become known), there was a lot of discussion on how Marketo would be able to REPLAY key flow steps that would have occurred if the lead had been known at the time of the triggered smart campaign: Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Under The Hood.  Those flow steps include:

  • Change score
  • Interesting moment
  • Change data value
  • Add to list
  • Remove from list

But those "replays" will only occur once you've been migrated to Munchkin v2.  Until then, one of the workarounds is to include a "Lead/Person is Created" trigger and the appropriate filter (to match the original trigger).  Here's an example where I added both the trigger and filter (originally, just the single "clicks link on web page" trigger was used):


For large environments that have hundreds of smart campaigns, adding in a "Person is Created" trigger can really cause performance issues.

Back when this was being discussed, all customers were supposed to be migrated by the end of 2016.  Many still are not migrated.  Is there an update on this?  Or is it safe to say no one will be migrated until Marketo has moved to the Google Cloud?

Mike Reynolds

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Re: Any update on when customers will be migrated to Munchkin v2?

Mike Reynolds, can you comment on this (as well as my question of "replays" at the bottom of this thread: Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Under The Hood)?  For example, I don't want to start adding a bunch of "person was created" triggers if this will be unnecessary. 

Re: Any update on when customers will be migrated to Munchkin v2?

Hi Dan Stevens

The change to Munchkin V2 isn't tied to the move to the Google Cloud. Our Engineering teams identified some blockers that prevented the migration and have been working to resolve those since then. Many of those blockers are resolved, but I don't have enough detailed info to say exactly how close they're at yet. What I can say about Munchkin V2 is that they're just starting (just happened to get the email yesterday) to take requests for a waiting list once the deployment is ready. Reach out to Support to have your account added to the list.

With regards to the campaign triggers above, I can't say definitively whether that would work or not, now or when Munchkin V2 rolls out. Using constraints in triggers is always tricky because triggers are activated by actions happening now, whereas the constraints are looking for activity that happened in the past. With munchkin V2 it's difficult to know for sure because of how it goes through the replay action with the activity log. Best recommendation I have would be to Contact Marketo Support  and investigate more directly.