Any Snap App Users?

Any Snap App Users?

Hi all,

One of our campaign managers is excited about the SnapApp and want to try it out. it looks like it integrates with Marketo. I tried to search for it in the forum but most discussions are about 3 years old. If any of you have ever used it, can you please share your experience with it? If it integrates with Marketo well?

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Hi Huihsing,

Yes I 've used this tool till last year and unfortunately we are retiring this Year, due to our campaign strategy changed and from last year we have not used more than 5 to 6 times.

Yes it has some great functionality like you can create Quiz, Interactive PDF and make them gated. You can embed the whole code into Marketo landing page . And you can create custom fields in Marketo to track the responses etc...

The only cons is they have stopped supporting the Cname, for that you can used Marketo landing page. Please find the case study hope will be helpful.

Case Studies

Hope this will be helpful.

Re: Any Snap App Users?

Hi Jayanto,

Yes. It is very helpful. The CName is a bummer.

Thank you!

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Re: Any Snap App Users?

I'm a former user of SnapApp at a previous company. There were fantastic ways to use it to get qualification data without being overly obvious about it (ex: which product works best for you?). It was easy in Marketo to write a customized interesting moment, send information to Sales and use the data for qualification automatically. Ultimately I really liked them but I found a few drawbacks. Depending on your organization it might not be an issue at all:

- Very manual to make new items. We did not have internal resource to support someone creating all of these new quizzes. Content owned our platform and often had to decide between responding to urgent requests or trying to work on a layout in the platform. Perhaps if the campaign arm had owned it or even MOPs, it might have been easier.

- Connection to Marketo was good and relatively easy to set up after the first time, but only in the sense of lead form that connected to existing fields. If you had a custom field you needed to capture one time then you had to make a new field just for that in Marketo. I ended up making a number of "Misc" fields for this use case, but there was still a level of development with the team using the platform. We had to agree and juggle usage of those fields. Then there was 'results' which you could also send to Marketo. Picture a quiz where depending on result you want to do different things. Now picture that every quiz that gets created is entirely different - some have custom fields to qualify, some are based on the results, some just the lead form.

You can imagine that while this is an awesome platform, it requires a lot of administration, strategy and forethought, unlike say webinars where after initial set up you can clone and run similar surveys, etc. over and over.

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Hi Christina,

Thanks. Good points. I'm not sure if our marketers are ready to learn another new tool and think about how to customize it every single time. I do not like to create the customized fields every time for a new SnapApp campaign either. With the energy and resource, I'd rather recommend them spending on developing new nurture campaigns.