All Contacts Activity Log

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All Contacts Activity Log

Marketo Customer Support says this is not a feature they have at this time but what I am interested in is:

I am interested in getting the Activity Log for All Contacts (or perhaps a smaller subset like All Contacts Delivered Email).

I found this knowledge article but this is beyond me in my capabilities and not really sure what it means

Is there a way to request All Contacts (that have been delivered any email) and their Activity Log? I know I can do this individually for contacts but I would like to have this information on a mass basis.

I have some smart statisticians on my team that could make good use of this data.

Does anyone have solutions or want to up-vote this idea?  Thank you!

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Re: All Contacts Activity Log

The SOAP and REST APIs are pretty easy to use even for a junior developer. The sheer volume of data you may encounter means this really isn't something that should be so easy to generate within the browser (IMO). It's sort of like: If you can crunch this data, chances are you also have a programmer. Granted that isn't always true but it's not a crazy assumption.