AdWords Tracking

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AdWords Tracking

Hi all,

This is a problem that has stumped me for a few days and I have been searching through the forum and web.

I have an AdWords campaign set up with medium and source set up. I can see conversions on our site in GA, but I want that attribution to be carried on through our leads in Marketo and our CRM. In our forms I have the UTMs captured and mapped onto Lead Source and Lead Source Detail. I can see hundreds of conversions per our goals in GA for these campaigns but I do not see the corresponding numbers in Marketo.

How have you solved this problem?


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Re: AdWords Tracking

Which problem?

  • GA conversion Count  > Marketo Filled Out Form
  • GA conversion Count  > Marketo Leads by Lead Source or Detail
  • Data mapping issue?
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Re: AdWords Tracking

I would recommend creating fields utm_source utm_medium etc in Marketo and not mapping these to lead source.

1) Do you have a channel set up for PPC or online advertisement

Program statuses should be 1) Member 2) Converted (this second one is a success)

2) Create a program. These people need to be part of a Marketo program. Let's start with a large generic one called Google - adwords. 

People need to be member of programs and if they converted.  Create a trigger campaign that if they filled out any form and if the utm_source = whatever you are using.

Flow step change program status = Converted. Set acquisition program to Google - adwords.

If you are reporting out of marketo this is all you need to do.  If you are reporting with any 3rd party tool connected to SFDC, then you need to create the corresponding SFDC campaign.  or other CRM. 

I'll be talking about reporting attribution at summit.  But this will get you started.

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Re: AdWords Tracking

Hello all,

I'm jumping in here because I need help setting up the correct source tracking in my instance. Can someone direct me to a document that explains this in more depth? Right now any form fill is counted as "member contact form" fill. I'd like to differentiate the organic form fills from the ones that came from Google Ads. Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: AdWords Tracking

Hi Christian,


For UTM setup, take a look at this article: 


To identify the PPC traffic, on your "Fills out form" trigger, add a constraint of querystring contains "utm_medium=cpc" or however you choose to differentiate the paid search traffic