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Activity history

Hi.  I'm back after 5 months maternity leave. In the meantime lots happened with Marketo and Salesforce including a wipe of all leads from Marketo. It's making tracing history a bit difficult as one might imagine.

What I'm trying to discover is the specifics around a 4/28 import of 6000 names into SFDC.  Is there somewhere in Marketo where I can find a list of activities and dates like a list import.

I'm a bit rusty so apologies if this is an obvious answer. 


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Re: Activity history

Hi Karen,

You're looking for a list of the activities of your users, correct?  If so, Marketo support can do that.  You'll want to open a case with support and ask for the user activity history for that date.  Also, if you know the name of the list that was imported that could be helpful as well.


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Re: Activity history

It depends on what details you're looking to find out, and if the import was done in Marketo or into SFDC. Per John's recommendation, if you want to know who did the import in Marketo, open a support ticket. If you want to know who did the import in SFDC, you can look at some of the admin logging features.

If you want to know just who was imported and details about them, you can run reports in either system for the specific day and just examine the imported leads.