Account Scoring - What do you do?

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Account Scoring - What do you do?

We're wanting to kick off more account based marketing in the new year and with that I want to make sure we're scoring key accounts.

For those of you that have some kind of scoring system in place for accounts, what have you set up? I'm looking for both the logic as well as technical (SFDC side or Marketo).

To get started initially and in advance of Marketo account scoring models/logic being released (any update on due date btw?), I'm thinking we may want to capture a few scoring measures:
  • Aggregate of total lead score - depth of the engagement. Since this doesn't provide a view of whether one person is really engaged or many are, or how recent any of the interactions are, it can't be our only method.
  • Average of lead scores - this may provide a more balanced view than the aggregate (though it still won't show recency). I imagine we'd have to only average the scores of those leads that have any kind of behavioural score captured though...? (so that it doesn't get skewed by people that don't have a lead score because they haven't been cookied, but who have actually been actively engaged otherwise on the site or by opening emails.)
  • Recency of engagement - i'm not sure whether it's better to aggregate the total lead 'urgency' scores Marketo dynamically updates (based on recency of score changes), or whether to measure this through an aggregate of the total scores that have been added in, say, the last 90 days for the account. I'm not sure how accurate or meaningful the automated urgency will be, and i'm not sure how the latter option would be implemented.
  • Firmographic data - this isn't really important for us at the moment, we've already factored this into the process of identifying the accounts we want to score.
Feedback on any of these options - or any other ideas or points for consideration - would be highly appreciated!

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Re: Account Scoring - What do you do?

Hi Tara,
Did you ever implement your Account Scoring model/system? I was just recently asked if we could develop an account scoring system and sketched out a simliar model to what you outlined...which gave me some confidence that I was on the right track.

How did your system work? Were there other measures that you found useful in accomplishing your project?