404 Not Found Error in Email Links

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Re: 404 Not Found Error in Email Links

Yes. I uploaded them to the design studio then added them to the email with the new URL.

This is what I discovered:

  • In preview mode: the correct images show up and link to the correct page
  • In a test: the correct images show up, but direct to our homepage.
  • When I hover over the link in the test email, I see ( of numbers).  We used info. and go. as our subdomains. These were also the subdomains we used in our old instance, which is still active.
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Re: 404 Not Found Error in Email Links

OK, double-check that your CNAMEs refer to the right canonical (primary) hostname.

  • The branding (tracking) domain,, points to mkto-*.com
  • The LP domain,, points to *, your so-called "account string"

<img src=> attributes are loaded via the LP domain and should stay that way in rendered emails.

While <link href=> may be originally under the LP domain (or at any third-party domain) when entered in the Email Editor, they'll be rewritten to the branding domain in an actual email.