Syncing a Previously Hidden SFDC Field - Part II (Lookup Field)

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here are the steps for syncing a lookup field on the SFDC Lead Object.

Step 1. Make the lookup field visible on the SFDC Marketo Profile

Step 2. If the lookup field is referencing a SFDC Custom Object, make sure the SFDC Custom Object is visible to the SFDC Marketo profile by setting the object permissions (Set to read only and view all records)

Step 3. If you want all the values of the field to sync over to Marketo immediately you can have your SFDC admin use the SFDC Data Loader to change the last modified date/system mod stamp for all the records.

Note: It is recommended you confirm with your SFDC Admin that the last modified date/system mod stamp is updated when the value of the lookup field changes.

A lookup field will translate to an id in Marketo. If you want the value to appear in Marketo so it will be easier to use, have the SFDC Admin create another field which populates it with the value.

See this article for part I of syncing a previously hidden SFDC field.

Additional resources for learning about the Marketo integration with SFDC.

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Hi Brian,

When syncing a lookup field, you get SFDC ID's in Marketo. So it is strongly recommended that you add a formula field that brings the custom object name field to the lead, contact or account field where the lookup is. It will enable you to have not only the ID but the human readable field as well. Do this prior to updating the date/system modestamp.

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Marketo Employee

Hi Greg, yes I totally agree you should create a second marketing friendly field to contain the actual value of the lookup field. Great recommendation.