Live with LaunchPoint - Folloze

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to back to our latest series, Live with LaunchPoint! Here we introduce our amazing LaunchPoint Partners who help enhance Marketo Engage by building marketing apps specifically for the Marketo ecosystem.


In our fifth edition, we speak with Gary Gerber, head of Product Marketing at Folloze. Gary speaks about how their personalized marketing platform delivers hyper personalization across multiple channels and use cases.




If you'd like to learn more about Folloze, you can check out their LaunchPoint page!

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I really like these spotlights, always interesting stuff. 

Level 6 - Champion Alumni

I really like learning about the new partners. There are always ideas for new things for us to try!

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Love hearing about new technologies. This one sounds especially cool! 

These really help me stay up to date with what new tech is out there.

Interesting video.  Thanks for sharing.