Data Management Best Practices – Populate Country with Inferred Country Information

Level 7

Here is an example of a batch data management campaign to populate an empty Country field with the Inferred Country value. In this case I only wanted to populate the Country field if the inferred value isn't "Anonymous Proxy."

Smart Campaign

Populate Country with Inferred Country Value

Smart List




{{lead.Inferred Country}}

If necessary you can use the ‘Add Choice’ logic in the Change Data Value flow step to change the Inferred Country value to a different value.


Run daily in the middle of the night.


  • Create the campaign as a trigger campaign if you need low latency. Here is an example of building a trigger campaign.
  • Information about using Inferred Country
  • Information about using Inferred State
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Level 6 - Champion Alumni

Can you provide a list of the Inferred Country names that Marketo provides?