Adding an “Other” option to Marketo forms without adding db fields

Level 10 - Community Moderator
Level 10 - Community Moderator

You often see Marketo forms with an "extension" field where a lead can type an explanation for their Other/None of the Above choice.


This works well enough from the lead's perspective. You can use Visibility Rules to show the extension field only if Other is selected in the primary field. 

But there's really no reason to do it this way. I consider this an antipattern with Marketo forms for two reasons.

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This is a great solution Sanford Whiteman‌ and will help so much on future projects.
If i want to use a similar solution on a dropdown menu as oppose to radio buttons what is the syntax to select that value as oppose to ":checked"


Thanks Sanford Whiteman. This article is really helpful.