A confirmation popup bar for Marketo Forms

Y'all have seen this type of double-confirmation popup, I'm sure:


It's helpful if you want to give end users a little additional nudge, for example to use their legal name, a working email address, and so on — stuff that you can't force them to do but maybe can guilt them into.

No one but me would claim it's “easy” to add this functionality to a Marketo form. It only took an hour to whip it up, but as you know, I waste spend more time in Forms 2.0 API-land than anybody else. I've provided a big leg up: a working CodePen you can spin off for your own site.

Most of the heavy lifting is done in CSS: overlaying the background, positioning the popup bar, changing the color of the Cancel/Go Back button. Aside from managing the visibility of the bar (display: block or display: none) there's not a huge amount happening in JavaScript.

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