A New Year, A New Design & Structure In Community!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Welcome to 2018! We’re starting the new year out on a positive note by rolling out a new design and structure in the Marketing Nation Community with the goal of helping you be more successful with Marketo, more quickly. The new design and structure was reviewed and vetted by many Community members and we truly appreciated all their valuable feedback.

Starting next new week, you will see:

  1. A new home page experience – When you land on the home page, you’ll see a news feed of what’s new and exciting in the Marketing Nation Community. For those of you who have been part of Marketing Nation for several years, it will be like going back to the good ‘ol days. The Marketo banner has also been removed so you have immediate access to what you really care about, the exciting and helpful conversations happening among your fellow Community members.
  2. One place for discussions – You asked and we answered. No more decisions about where to look for answers to your questions. Product Discussions and Marketing Discussions have been merged into a single place to access the genius of your fellow marketers, simply called Discussions.
  3. A new Blog space – Read about best practices, tips and tricks, and more from peers, experts, and Marketo employees…all in one spot.
  4. An area for Release Info – Want to learn about what’s in the latest, greatest Marketo release? Look no further than our new Release Info space. 
  5. Mobile friendly – Guess what? The Marketing Nation is now mobile friendly so you can take it on the go with you. The genius of your peers is always at your fingertips.

I’m excited to roll out these changes to Marketing Nation. As always, if you have any additional ideas or feedback, please feel free to let me know.

You can expect the Marketing Nation Community to keep getting better and better throughout 2018!


Woot woot! I'm very excited to see all of the discussions in one place.

Marketo Employee

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think when you see it, Jasmine Kyles​. Thanks!


Level 5 - Champion

Great work, Janet + team! Excited for all of the changes.

Marketo Employee

Chelsea Kiko​, thank you. And, thanks for joining yesterday. Have a great weekend.

Level 10 - Community Moderator

So, some problems...

Tons of posts were updated as if they were touched today, even though they haven't had any replies for years:


Previously published blog posts were returned to Drafts:


Level 7 - Champion Alumni

Great job on this Janet Dulsky​ and team!

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

I noticed this as well. All recent discussions are now buried within hundreds of migrated posts (some, several years old). Is there no way to change the date to the last post/reply?

Level 10 - Champion Alumni

I think everyone has a sigh of relief now that all discussions are contained in a central "Discussions" area - no more "you should move this from "Marketing" to "Product".  Although, I hope the date issue that exists can be fixed.

I'm sure the team will monitor/fix many of the early issues - especially since this has only been live for less than a day.  Below are some initial perceptions:

I participated in the pre-launch of this and one of my main suggestions was to give greater visibility to IDEAS.  As you can see, it's now under "Discussions", represented by a lightbulb icon.  Given that Ideas submitted by Marketo's customer base is what drives product innovation, is there a reason why it couldn't be added as a primary navigation item?  Also, I really miss the prior default page layout/format for Ideas:


Now it looks like this (sorted by top ideas):


Now that "Employee Blogs" have been surfaced to one of the top blog sections, is the idea that Marketo employees will be blogging on a more regular basis?


Today, when accessing this section, the most recent blog posts are from Jamie Lewis in October 2016:


BTW, how does one navigate/search for the Whisperer blog?  I just came across this as Janet Dulsky​'s post appeared on one of the main pages.  When searching for various blogs, there are no results (Activity, Content, People and Sub-spaces all look like this):


Level 10 - Champion Alumni

Here's another potential bug: The "Discussions" area is where I mainly live when I'm in the Community.  But I no longer see a "start a discussion" link that used to appear in the left column.  Am I missing something?


The same holds true for any discussion type - like IDEAS:


Now I know why I "failed" the usability session I had with Janet and team 😉

Marketo Employee

Sanford Whiteman​, yes, when we merged the Marketing discussions with Product discussions, Jive treats the merged discussions as "new." Nothing we can do about it but it should sort itself over time as these old discussions drop down without continued conversations. We're working on your draft blogs. It was because of the merge as well.

Thanks for your patience.