2 Examples of Using Categories for Predictive Content

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See two examples of how we categorize content for the predictive content recommendations that will only show the categorized content in the rich media output.

See full documentation here to set up and implement the Rich Media Recommendations and Categories: Enabling Rich Media Recommendation Engine

What is a Category?

Use a Content Category to group content for a specific rich media recommendation template. Leaving the category empty applies the content to all recommendation templates (recommended). However, if you want to recommend only specific content for a Rich Media template, add a category for the content and associate that category with the recommendation template.

Example: Categorizing relevant content according to sections of your website (products or solutions).

2 Examples

Hatch Early Learning

Hatch Early Learning only show Webinar related predictive content on their thank you page after webinar registration.

Live Example Here: http://pages.hatchearlylearning.com/cultivating-creativity-for-you-and-your-classroom-thank-you.html

Screenshot below of the predicted content and the JavaScript Code showing the content Category is "Webinar" Hatch Early Learning only show Webinar related predictive content on their thank you page after webinar registration.


Marketo.com Example

On Marketo.com, we also categorize predictive content based on the different solutions we offer.

For Customer Marketing, see the Rich Media recommendations at the bottom of the page: https://www.marketo.com/solutions/customer-marketing/

Screenshot here of Predictive content on Marketo's Customer Marketing Page and the JavaScript code behind Categorizing the content as "Customer" related content.



So, those are two examples of how customers and Marketo are using the categorize content feature for displaying Predictive Content.

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Thanks for sharing, this is fantastic!

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David Myers​, is it possible to use predictive content recommendations for products? Similar to how Marketo's site lists resources someone may like, we would want to list products someone may like based on pages they browse. If so, would we have to add the URLs for each product as content in order to setup the recommendations?


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This is great. Thanks!