How to Provide Feedback

Hello Beta User,

Your feedback is crucial to helping us provide the highest quality experience to our customers. We recommend capturing all issues as you go along.

Your contacts in Adobe Product Management, Badsah Mukherji (primary) and Niranjan Kumbi (secondary), will both receive your communications. You are also welcome to take advantage of the features of this closed community for knowledge exchange and communications with Adobe and other beta customers.

Additional information about being a beta user we would like you to know:

  • Be sure to check out the Helpful Links on the landing page of this community to familiarize yourself with the functionality.
  • Ask your admin to check the event and webinar channel configurations and make changes, if needed. Under helpful links, you'll find a link to an explanation of the new Waitlisted status in the event and webinar channels/ tags.
  • Incorporate the features into your day-to-day job, applying them to real-life scenarios rather than simulations. If you are enabling the features in a sandbox environment, replicate what you do in production.
  • We encourage you to identify areas where you would like to see embedded help or suggest ways in which we can make onboarding of new users easier. (Think about where you and others in your organization typically go for help.)

Thank you.

The Marketo Engage Product Team

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