Feature Request Template

Please use the following template when requesting a new feature or enhancement by email to premium-events-beta@adobe.com​. Alternatively, you can create an Idea in this community, but try to include the same details.

Field (*required)Input
*Business PriorityP1=Can’t use/ adopt without it, P2=Highly desirable, P3=Nice to have, but can live without
*Feature Name (Event Cap or Event Goals)
*Request Details<Describe what you would like to see that is missing today, with as much detail as possible>
*Business Justification/ Use Case<Why do you want this addition or modification to existing functionality? How would your business benefit?>
*Who Needs This<Which roles/ personas/ job titles in your organization would benefit from this?>
Screenshot(s) Attached? (Yes or No)<Don't forget to attach!>