Working with a duplicate rule with Workspaces and Partitions

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You may be using Workspaces and Lead Partitions in Marketo, but here's a twist. If you are separating both Marketo Assets with Workspaces and Marketo Leads using Lead Partitions, you may also have a deduplicate rule in place (which we'll deal with in a separate blog) to allow fully separate leads with the same email address to exist in the different partitions. You might, for example have a line of business that targets individuals, and one that targets enterprises, and you want people to be able to exist in both.

In this case, you can have support alter the custom duplicate rule to be Email Address + Lead Partition so you can target the partitions with the API and with list uploads, but the question may come up about whether you need to apply this duplicate rule to form submissions.. after all, its not as if you want to have the partition ID in every form as a hidden field right?

Here's the scenario:

If you have a lead in Partition A with a particular email address, and then that same lead fills out Form B, which only exists in Workspace B, which only has access to Partition B, what happens is curious. Even though the form is in another partition, the lead in Partition A will be updated, which is no good. If however you simply apply the custom dedupe rule to forms, marketo knows enough to also submit the partition ID, and a duplicate lead is added to Partition B.

So, in short, in this situation you don't need to supply the partition ID in every form, but you do need to set the custom deduplicate rule to apply to forms.


Thanks for the tip, I'm just working through these same issues of this right now.

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This could solve a massive problem I have! I couldn't find where I could apply custom dedupe rules. would you be able to point me to the right direction, John Mattos​?

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Hi Hussam AlMukhtar​! You can open up a ticket to have support change that setting. You'd just tell them you want to allow duplicates by partition.

Can you have different munchkin codes that will solve this issue? I saw on one of the discussions that there is a "wsinfo" value that can differentiate the  workspaces? Not sure if I am on the right track  

Additional question about this for you John Mattos (W). Let's say I have a second lead partition and allow duplicate e-mail addresses, via a dupe rule, to exist in that partition. The rule is set up to apply to forms. (Not clear on this part. Is this something support would help me set up?)

Can support also apply additional dupe rules that are specific to that partition rather than our entire instance? (For instance, that, in addition to the e-mail address, the first name, or some other field we specify, must be unique for leads in the partition, or yet another lead would be created, this time in the same partition.)

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Support can help you setup the custom dupe rule on forms. You can submit the request, and it takes them just a few hours to setup.

I used to have the partition rules too, but that's something you do on your routing rules in the partition. I used to have "Record Type IDs" as a qualifying field.

Thanks, Hussam AlMukhtar​! Meaning if they were a different record types in Salesforce but shared the same e-mail address they would be created as a unique leads in Marketo?

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That is correct. You can find more information here about Assigning Lead Partitions with Assignment Rules​.

Thanks again, Hussam AlMukhtar! I had read that page yesterday, but these assignment rules are new to me, so I can't say I fully understood it. However, it seemed, when I was reading it, that it might not be a good fit for what it is we're trying to do because of the following statement:

Only leads created in Marketo from your CRM and via the SOAP API will have assignment rules applied to them.

What we're trying to do is capture a complete series of data points, as provided by the user through forms, and use those data points for e-mails related to events, allowing for multiple users to share e-mail addresses, while still accurately reflecting the number of registrants in the program, triggering e-mails each time a user registers, and being able to check in those individual users at events, while keeping the records in the main partition intact. (I had posed some other questions related to partitions dupe rules yesterday. That thread is here.)

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Sorry I'm late to the party, Osman Erzinclioglu​. to answer your second question, changing the dupe rule can only be done globally, not just for a single partition.. this is sort of an orthogonal but related question. It sounds like you're best off using the dupes by partition, and steering clear of purposeful dupes. We really try to discourage that because of the implications, which I talk about here The Unintended Consequences of Duplicates in Marketo