When Do the Marketo Account/Company Fields Become Read Only

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

If you are integrated with a CRM like SFDC, the account/company fields in Marketo as viewed on the Company Info tab of a record are editable when a record is in Marketo only or is a SFDC lead.





When a SFDC Lead is converted to a SFDC Contact the account/company fields become related to the SFDC Account Object and become read only. Note: If you have enabled person accounts in SFDC, contact Marketo support about making your person account fields editable by Marketo.



SFDC Account fields are automatically set in Marketo as read only. For SFDC Contacts in Marketo you cannot manually edit Account fields in Marketo’s Lead Detail screen, while you can use a Flow Action to change an Account field value. The change will be temporary until the Account is updated. The value changed will revert to the SFDC Account value the next time any update is made to the record and data is synced between the two systems. You may want to consider blocking field updates for fields which are mapped from the SFDC lead object to the SFDC account object such as Number of Employees.



Here are some additional resources for learning about the Marketo integration with SFDC.

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Thanks for another great post Brian!

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Will this work on the account level of a record?  I am running into the problem of a known contact in an account fills out a form changing the company name thus changing all attached contacts company name as well.

Would simply blocking the company name field update in Marketo solve this issue?

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Hi Angela. Yes, blocking the company field from being updated on a form should solve your issue.

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Hi Angela,

Yes it will, but you should block it only for form fillouts, not for SFDC updates. The drawback is that it will also prevent mere leads to update their company names.

A sophisticated alternative is to always copy the company name in a proxy field, only for contact, when the update comes from the CRM and copy back that info to the company name field each time an update comes from a form.