Triggers Which Can Be Used Across Workspaces

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Here is a summary of which triggers can be used across workspaces.

Any of the Email triggers since “Contains” is available

  • Clicks Link in Email
  • Email Bounces
  • Email Bounces Soft
  • Email is Delivered
  • Opens Email
  • Received Forward to Friend Email
  • Sent Forward to Friend Email
  • Unsubscribes from Email



Additional Triggers since “Contains” is available

  • Fills Out Form
  • Program Status is Changed
  • Visits Web Page
  • Clicks Link on Web Page
  • Added to List
  • Removed from List
  • Engagement Program Cadence Changes
  • Engagement Program Stream Changes
  • Has Interesting Moment
  • Score is Changed
  • Sent Alert
  • Revenue Stage is Changed



Have a good naming convention is super helpful when you have triggered smart campaigns reacting to activities across workspaces.


Hi Brian,

Why does a trigger need to have the "contains" operator to be used across workspaces ?


Marketo Employee

Hi Greg, Marketo doesn't see/select (e.g. index) assets, programs, forms, etc across workspaces. You can only see/select the assets, programs, forms in the workspace where you are building the triggered smart campaign.