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What is the cost for a Learning Passport and what does it include?

We have two options for the subscription. Our full-access passport that includes both on-demand and live, instructor-led classes costs 5,000 USD for one user for one year. Our e-learning passport that includes self-paced courses costs 2,500 USD for one user for one year.

How do I purchase a course individually or together, but not through a subscription?

For customers who wish to pay via sales order through your account, email You will get a quote to be signed in order to enroll, then the company's billing address will receive an invoice 10-15 business days later. For non-customers or any customers who prefer to pay with credit card, you can do this through your Marketo University account. Please note that you will need to create an account first if you do not have one, and this is not linked to your Marketo instance as a current customer.

Can I request access to courses that I want to take and then pay later?

Marketo University no longer uses an access request system for enrollment. The process is automated and triggered by a completed purchase.

Can I buy courses individually or as a bundle/package?

Courses can be purchased individually or together at the listed price. We also offer a subscription to all of our courses called the Learning Passport Unlimited with both on-demand and live training options. Please email for more details.

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