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I have made a WebAssessor account in the past, but do not have access to that email address anymore. Should I just create a new account?

Please do not create a new WebAssessor account, we would be happy to recover and update your account for you. Please email

My certification is not showing up in my Community Profile. What do I do?

Please allow two weeks after your passing result for your community profile to be updated with your MCE status. If you still do not have status in your profile, please email

How do I get another copy of my PDF certificate?

Please email if you need a copy of your certificate sent to you. Please remember to check your spam.

My Exam timed out. I was kicked out during my exam. What do I do?

We are sorry for the technical difficulties. The fastest way to resolve your problem is to contact Kryterion Support directly. You can reach them by phone at: 800-403-6199 or email Please also follow this link to ensure that your system and internet connection meets the requirements.

What do I do if my exam is suspended during my session?

Please reach out to if your session gets suspended.

How do I verify someone’s Marketo certification?

Please note that all MCE certified individuals are given a PDF certificate with expiration dates on it validating their certification. Please request that certificate from the test taker for verification. MCE credentials are valid for two years. If you need further verification, please have the test taker reach out to with your contact information specifically asking us to release information regarding certification status to you.

When I log into WebAssessor, I am seeing exams offered by other companies, What do I do?

If you have signed up for WebAssessor with another company, you will need another account specific to Marketo. Please go to and create another account that does not include the same login.

Is my WebAssessor login the same as my Marketo login?

WebAssessor is not connected to your Marketo login. If you have not created a Marketo Webassessor account, you will need to do that before scheduling any exams. Please use a personal email address.

What will happen to my Specialization now that the exam is no longer being offered?
The Marketo Specialization examinations will retire on January 31, 2019. Current Specialization credential holders or those who were certified before the exam retires will continue to be recognized.
Will retakes of the retiring Specialization exams still be allowed after the retirement date?

No. Candidates who fail a retiring Specialization examination will be able to retake the exam only BEFORE the retirement date. Candidates should keep in mind that there is a 14-day waiting period to retake a Marketo certification exam. Schedule your exam appointment to allow enough time to retake a failed exam should the need arise.

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