Sharing Your Marketo Digital Credentials

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

In today’s digital world, where professionals share everything online, paper certificates no longer provide the same level of value. Marketo has partnered with Accredible to solve this problem.

What is a Digital Badge?

Marketo has included digital badges as an additional way for you to share and validate your Marketo certification achievements. A digital badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you. Together, they serve as a compelling digital showcase of your certification achievements: Clicking on your digital badge grants immediate access to validated information that features your knowledge and skills. This allows you to easily share your credentials, and employers and colleagues to easily verify them.

Use Your Marketo badge to:

  • Showcase your certifications and skillset to your professional network
  • Enable your employers to quickly validate your skills
  • Share your digital credentials on any online platform: social media, email signature, resume, website, online portfolio and more

How do I share my badge?

Via a Link

When you are sent the e-mail granting you your digital badge, it will include a personal URL. You can send this URL to anyone you would like to be able to view or verify your credential.

Via E-mail

  1. Login to your Accredible account.
  2. Select your badge.
  3. Click on Email Credential.
    1. Type in the e-mail address you would like to share to and click Share.

Via Your E-mail Signature

Copy your personal digital badge link (shared with you in the invitation e-mail) and paste the hyperlink on the MCA or MCE after your name (Ex: Jane Smith, MCE; the underlined MCE portion of this example will link to your verified digital badge page).

Via Social Platforms

  1. Login to your Accredible account.
  2. Select the social channel you want to share across.

Via LinkedIn

  1. Log in to your Accredible account.
  2. Locate the link “Add to LinkedIn Profile”.
  3. Fill in the information into the form manually.

For more detailed instructions on sharing your digital credential please see this guide.

What do I do if I need assistance?

For help in getting your badge please Contact Marketo Certification.

For technical assistance with your digital badge, please Contact Accredible.