Marketo Certified Expert Spotlight

Marketo Employee

Are you interested in advancing your career and earning a Marketo Certification? We asked Marketo Certified Experts what motivated them to get certified, and how it has impacted their career.

From Veronica Lazarovici, Marketing Automation Manager at Hotelbeds Group:

I was introduced to Marketo by my manager, and I could immediately see the opportunity. Being an MCE has opened the door to many opportunities. One of the top ones- being part of impactful projects that bring immediate value to the organization. After getting certified and working hands-on with Marketo for a couple of years, I was given the opportunity to move abroad to Spain and pursue a career in a large company.

From Josh Gilchrist, Marketing Automation Canada:

At the time, most of our clients and perspective clients were requesting MCE’s. Being certified has allowed me to participate in larger projects with more complex instances, it’s also been a factor in getting job offers.

From Kristina Schroffel, Sr. Marketing Technologist at DigitalGlobe:

I wanted to expand my knowledge in Marketo with an accredited certification. I also wanted to prove my proficiency after using Marketo for five years. After becoming certified, I received a promotion at my current company with a pay increase, as well as receiving more recognition from others on LinkedIn.

Marketo Certifications allows marketers to distinguish themselves to current and potential employers. Join in the discussion section below to let us know: how has earning a Marketo Certification helped your career?