[Phone number with Internal Format] We need your help!

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[Phone number with Internal Format] We need your help!

Hello all,

As you might all know now, the sync between Marketo and SFDC is not working if the phone number doesn't start with "+" or "00".

Unfortunately, we cannot "force" the beginning of the field so that people write their number correctly.

The solution we put in place (adding a hint text in the field) is not always working, and it's then the role of the admin to change the number (for information i usually add a + so the number might not be good anymore) and sync again to SFDC. & this is quite time consuming as you might understand.

For all of the new leads unfortunately, it is mostly up to them to put the right format for their phone number, but for the other you can help!

We are sharing with you some already set up smart list inside your workspace: ADMIN_Leads with wrong phone number.


You will have access to the leads and contact only in your workspace.

What you can do is to modify the phone number of this leads/contact by adding the + and the right country code.

This way, the number will be correct, and if this lead/contact fill out any of our form, there won't be any sync issue.

You can do that now, and come back sometimes to check if there is no new leads inside the smart list!



fyi Marina MASSONET