Web Personalization (RTP) FAQ - Marketo Integration Questions

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Your Marketo instance and your RTP instance end up interacting and transferring data in many different ways. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about RTP's integration with the Marketo instance.

How clicks on RTP assets and campaigns are recorded in the activity log

These activities are recorded as the 'Data Value Change’ Activity Type. The fields 'RTP Assets’ and  'RTP Campaigns’ are changing all the time to include all the assets and campaigns the lead clicked on.

How often does RTP sync with Marketo

  • Lead data gets synced every 5 minutes
  • Data regarding programs and smart campaigns is synced every 15 minutes

Is it possible to sync multiple MLM instances with one RTP account

Currently, there is no way to do this. Each RTP account will be tied to one account in Marketo and vice versa.

What custom field types are supported

All field types are supported except for Formula fields.

RTP - Custom field types.PNG

For more information on custom field types, visit Custom Field Type Glossary - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

What is a unique visitor in RTP

A unique visitor refers to an individual that has visited your web page, regardless of how often they visit. For example, when an individual goes to your web page on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday, this is recorded as two visits from one unique visitor.

What is the time zone setting on the Marketo RTP server that is used to count impressions

The server is set to record data in U.S. Central Time (CT), but the time stamps you will see in the UI are based on your local time zone.

Very rarely, a visitor might show up twice if they visited on separate days according to CT but not your time zone.