Troubleshooting When Partitions Aren't Available to Select when Moving Lead to New Partitions

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Lead Partitions are used to put leads into different groups or "buckets". You can set up the lead partitions however you like, but sometimes you'll need to move a lead from one partition to another. The Product Doc here shows how to move the lead to the other partition, but what if the other partition doesn't show up as able to be selected?


Why This Happens

When setting up the workspace, you can assign lead partitions to those workspaces to limit which partitions are accessible. You'll need a campaign flow step to move the lead to the new partition, but if the campaign is being run from within a workspace that doesn't have permission to access that partition, then it can't "see" the partition at all and it won't show up as being able to be chosen.


How to Fix it

To fix this, you'll need to assign the lead partitions to the workspace. This will allow the workspace to "see" that lead partition.



1. Under Admin, click on Workspaces & Partitions.




2. Select your Workspace and click Edit Workspace.





3. Edit the workspace to add the partitions and choose the lead partition you want to move the leads to. Then click the save button.






You should now see the lead partition in the selection field to move the leads.


You can find more information about Workspaces and Partitions here Understanding Workspaces and Lead Partitions - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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