TROUBLESHOOTING—List Import Failure Reasons

List imports can fail for a number of different reasons, so finding what that reason was is the first step to fixing what went wrong.

When a list import fails to import leads, the Import Status dialog box will give you an error to tell you that some of the leads failed to import. The “Failed: X Leads” showing in the Import Status dialog box is a hyperlink.

Import Failed for 1 lead_hyperlink.PNG

When you click on the hyperlink, it will download an Excel file that carries the details of what caused the failure. The details for the import failure will change depending on the different types of issues, so watch for the explanations in the far right column for each lead on the list.

Invalid data for the field type:

Import Fail Detail CSV.PNG

Invalid Email Address Warning:

Invalid Email Address warning csv.PNG

Lead belongs to a different Lead Partition:

Wrong partition failure details.PNG