Sync past unsubscribes into SFDC

Issue Description

You may notice that there may be a block in SFDC that stop syncing unsubscribes from Marketo to SFDC. After fixing the block in SFDC the new unsubscribes will sync as expected. How to get all the unsubscribes that happened before this fix to sync into SFDC?


Issue Resolution
You would need to set up a campaign to reset the field value.

Smart list:

Unsubscribed = true


Change data value  "unsubscribed" -> False

Change data value  "unsubscribed" -> True


That would take everyone who is currently unsubscribed, switch to false and then back to true. That should cause the true value to sync up to SFDC for all of those records. However, make sure you do this at a time when you are absolutely positive there are no email campaigns going out.


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Customers integrated with Salesforce

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