Some Salesforce Fields on Contact, or Account Object Not Syncing to Marketo

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Issue Description
You have a field on the Contact, or Account object that is visible to the Marketo Sync user, but updates to that field are not being passed to the record in Marketo. The field is not a lookup or formula field, and the matching field on the Lead object does sync.


Issue Resolution
Certain fields in Salesforce are ignored by the Marketo/SFDC sync. Ignored fields are listed by object below.



  • CreatedById
  • LastActivityDate
  • LastModifiedDate
  • LastModifiedById
  • MasterRecordId
  • SystemModstamp



  • Fax
  • Ownership
  • Rating
  • ShippingCity
  • ShippingCountry
  • ShippingPostalCode
  • ShippingState
  • ShippingStreet
  • TickerSymbol




  • Name
  • AssistantName
  • AssistantPhone
  • HomePhone
  • LastCURequestDate
  • LastCUUpdateDate
  • MailingCity
  • MailingCountry
  • MailingPostalCode
  • MailingState
  • MailingStreet
  • OtherCity
  • OtherCountry
  • OtherPhone
  • OtherPostalCode
  • OtherState
  • OtherStreet
  • ReportsToId


Who This Solution Applies To
Customers with Salesforce integrations

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Are these standard object fields the only fields that are ignored?

Should a change to any custom lead, contact, or account field trigger a sync to Marketo?

Marketo will sync with any custom field that is visible to the Marketo Sync User in Salesforce. If you make a change to a visible custom field in Salesforce, that should sync down to Marketo unless the field is blocked from updates on the Marketo side.