Munchkin Behavior on iFramed pages

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Issue Description
How does Munchkin tracking work when you have one page inside an IFrame on another page?


Issue Resolution

Munchkin will track page visits for whichever pages include the Munchkin tracking code.

  • If you only have Munchkin on the main page, visits will only be tracked for the main page.
  • If you only have Munchkin on the IFramed page, only the IFramed page will record a page visit.
  • If you have Munchkin tracking on both the main page and the IFramed page, visits to both pages will be recorded in the lead's activity history.


If the main page and the IFramed page are on two different domains, the lead must be a known lead on both domains in order to be tracked on both pages.  Please see this

this post for more details on Munchkin tracking on multiple domains:  Using Munchkin on Multiple Domains.

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