Migrating MS Dynamics integration to a new Marketo sandbox instance


Issue Description
How to migrate the MS Dynamics integration from the old Marketo sandbox into a new Marketo sandbox instance.





Issue Resolution
There are a couple of actions that are necessary before you start the initial MS Dynamics sync in the new Sandbox instance:


1. In Dynamics, find the XML file and check if there are any custom objects listed in this file. If you find any custom entities listed in this file then it is necessary to remove those reference those entities from the XML file. This is usually found after the Lead entity and this will be listed in the following format:


<Entity name="entity_name"> to the last line where the entity is closed by </Entity>. This entity reference needs to be removed and note that this is inclusive.


2. In Dynamics, verify that there are no custom entities listed in the Marketo Config Entity, if you see any custom entities referenced there then these will need to be removed as well as this needs to be empty.


3. If a sync filter is being used in the custom entities, make sure that you update the boolean field (Yes/No) on ALL the records on the entities that will have this filter. 


Please reach out to support to ensure that you have performed those steps properly and that you are ready to start the initial MSD sync to prevent any issues.


Who This Solution Applies To
Customers using Microsoft Dynamics