Microsoft Dynamics SOAP to Web (REST) API Upgrade

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NOTE: Due to code freeze periods the dates below have been pushed back and are tentative targets only.

**Instructions & FAQs are attached at the bottom of this article**


As part of the continued investment in our Microsoft partnership, the native Marketo Engage / Dynamics integration is being upgraded to a more robust and stable connection that will better support future upgrades and releases. Please share this information with your Dynamics CRM team as this will require minimal effort within your Dynamics instance.

The Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics teams are encouraging all customers to proactively adopt Web (REST) API in preparation for the forthcoming scenario where SOAP API is no longer supported. The required actions should only take 5-10 minutes by your Dynamics admin and present no loss of data with your existing sync. This is a critical step to ensure your Web API connector activation can be completed.

The following outlines the key milestones of this upgrade:

  • Now – December 31, 2019: Configure Marketo Engage Sandbox Instance
    All customers should follow the instructions above to create a new authentication using the Web API on your Marketo Engage sandbox (if you have one). All active Marketo Engage sandboxes must be configured with a new Client ID & Secret by the end of 2019 to allow our Engineers to thoroughly QA the new Web API connector against your sandbox environment prior to production.

  • By End of February 2020: Configure Marketo Engage Production Instance
    All production instances must be configured with the Client ID & Secret.

    NOTE: the connector will not be activated until after this date, meaning there will be zero impact to your production instance until then.

  • March - May 2020: REST API Activation Roll Out
    Phased roll out of REST API activation will occur on all production instances. Advanced notice of your scheduled activation window will be provided before March.

  • After May 31, 2020, SOAP API will no longer be supported.

We appreciate your attention to this upgrade in advance as we lay the groundwork for a more stable, reliable, and functional integration. If you have code freeze or black-out periods between January and March, please open a support case so we may work with you to schedule a specific activation week, or address any concerns not covered in the FAQ.

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