Marketo Engage Status Page Migration

As of November 30, 2019, all the familiar content on the Marketo Engage Status Page has been migrated and is now available on the Adobe Status Page. This move allows us to leverage Adobe’s more robust and efficient monitoring platform for not only the standard alerts and scheduled maintenance, but also hotly-requested functionality including pod-specific status updates and proactive notifications!



October 31, 2019: The functionality to subscribe to notifications at the solution and pod level released on the Adobe Status Page. Customers may begin exploring and subscribing to various notifications.


November 30, 2019: Marketo Status Page was deprecated and a redirect to Adobe Status Page was put in place. Moving forward, please refer to this article for up-to-date System Uptime and Deliverability Scores.


January 8, 2020: To better prepare you for upcoming changes and scheduled maintenance, we have increased the previous two-day ‘lead time’ of these notifications based on impact. Service Maintenance 30-day lead notifications are now available on Web/Mobile/Tablet surfaces and via Email notifications.



Opt-In to Adobe Status Page Subscriptions

1. Navigate to


2. Click Manage Subscriptions


homescreen 2.jpg


3. Sign in using your Adobe credentials or click Create an Account to log in


sign in 2.PNG


4. Select Experience Cloud drop-down


experience cloud.jpg


5. Select Adobe Marketo Engage then click Continue


marketo selected 2.jpg


Prior to selecting a regional location(s), you will want to identify what data center and pod/server your instance is located in. You can deduce this information by looking at the URL of your instance. The CNAME = the pod or server your instance is on.


The example above indicates that this instance is in our Ashburn data center on pod A. This user would select the regional location Marketo Ashburn and then pod ABA as shown below.


The abbreviations for all our data centers are as follows.

ab = Ashburn

sj = San Jose

sn = Sydney

lon = London


Note: This method can also be used to identify what Real Time Personalization (RTP) pod/server your instance is in.



6. Select regional location(s) and event type(s)


ashburn selected.jpg



7. Select the environment(s) or product(s) you would like to subscribe to and click Continue


aba selected.jpg



8. Review your subscription preferences and click Done


finalize 2.jpg

Common Questions

  • How do I see previous issues or maintenance?

1. Go to:

2. Click "Experience Cloud" 

3. Click "Adobe Marketo Engage"

4. Select the appropriate Service 

5. Click the dots on the date line to view the details of what occurred on that day

  • What do the colors mean on the Status page?

1. Blue is for maintenance

2. Red is for a major issue

3. Orange is for a minor issue