How to add the Opportunity Influence Analyzer to your Salesforce Opportunities

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Did you know your sales reps can access the Opportunity Influence Analyzer as well? If you have the analyzers provisioned in your Marketo subscription, you just need a Salesforce administrator to add the necessary field to your Opportunity page layout(s).

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for changes to opportunities to be reflected in the analyzer.

1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Page Layouts, and click Edit next to the desired page layout.


2, Click Fields, and select the Marketo Opportunity Influence Analyzer field, drag it onto your page layout, and then save the layout.


3. When viewing an opportunity, you'll see the Marketo logo where this field is. It's a button. that takes you to the analyzer for that opportunity.


4. You're there! This URL uses a token parameter for security so your sales reps can access it. You can select which contacts under the account you want to contribute to the analyzer on the right side.


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I have a lead who has a "success" in one of our programs (Free Trial). However, he is not showing up as a success in the Opp. Influence Analyzer. Why not?

Could it possibly be because he already has an "interesting moment" for Free Trial that is included in the Opp. Influence Analyzer? Or shouldn't that matter?

If it does just allow one datapoint per program to be included in the Opp. Influence Analyzer, I'd much prefer it includes the true program success rather than just an "interesting moment."

Thanks for any help and direction in getting this solved and understood!


Hi Allison,

Does the contact in question have a role assigned in the opportunity?


Thanks, Grant. I just checked it out and no, he doesn't currently have a role assigned. Could that be why he's not in the Opportunity Influence Analyzer?

Sure appreciate your help.


Hi Allison,

I double-checked, and the opportunity influence analyzer gives the option to include all contacts in the account associated with the opportunity, not just those with roles, so it shouldn't matter. Are you absolutely positive that the contact you're looking at in Marketo is associated with that account? They could be a duplicate. Try searching the lead database for that email address to see if there are duplicates. I'd also doublecheck their SFDC Id in their Lead Info tab in Marketo and crosscheck it with the contact's URL in Salesforce.


Thanks for checking on that. These are great ideas for what else might be causing this. I'll check for duplicates, etc. Thanks so much for these ideas!


Any time! It's also important to note that the analyzer pulls information from the RCE/RCA servers, which sync overnight with Marketo's main servers - that means it could take up to 24 hours for changes to reflect in the analyzer. I'll have that added to the article.


I checked into this a little more and didn't find any duplicates on this particular lead. I double checked in his Opportunity Info tab of his lead record and can see that he is tied with the account that I am pulling up when I look at the Opportunity Influence Analyzer. I also double checked that he really is a member and engaged with "success" in our Free Trial program.

When I pull up his account in the Opp Influence Analyzer, his name comes up and I can see other things that he has done, other content in which he has "success" and I can even see that an Interesting Moment was generated when he signed up for our Free Trial program. That's why it's strange he doesn't show up as a success for that same program.

This in and of itself really isn't a huge deal. I'm just investigating it in case there's some bigger issue going on that we need to clean up to make sure our data is usable and accurate and that our programs are getting "credit" for moving leads through the pipeline!

Thanks again, Grant, for your thoughtfulness on this particular issue.

Hi Allison G,

Not sure if you ever found a resolution for this. I've been running into the same issue with program successes not showing up all the time in Opp. Inf. Analyzer. Here's what helped me...

  • Make sure your programs have Period Costs (at least one, for at least $1) so they show up and get registered as reportable programs; or
  • Make sure under Program > Setup you add in the Analytics Behavior setting that the program in Inclusive (regardless of period cost).

I'm fairly sure that one of these has to be true for the little green Success flags to show up in Opportunity Influence Analyzer. If you found more info when you were diagnosing this issue I'd love to hear it. I'm trying hard myself to get this tool to be reliable and usable so Sales starts seeing value in it!

Hi, I want to create this report (opportunity influence analyzer) for nearly 250 accounts? How do I do it?

This is a feature of the salesforce integration that only appears on individual opportunities, not on accounts or a collection of accounts. There's also an Opportunity Influence Analyzer in the Analytics section of Marketo, but I believe it still only examines a single opportunity at a time. Create an Opportunity Influence Analyzer - Marketo Docs - Product Docs