GoTo Webinar connection error 403

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Issue Description
The GoToWebinar service in Admin > Launchpoint shows a Failed API Error - API Error: ERROR -> HTTP Code = '403'

Issue Resolution
This error occurs due to an issue with the credentials Marketo uses to access the GoToWebinar service. To fix this, you would need to re-login to the GoToWebinar service under Admin > Launchpoint.  Once this is done, the error should be resolved.  You should also check the program membership for the webinar programs in Marketo, since any leads who attempted to register for a webinar while the error was in effect will have a status of "Registration Error" and will need to have their status corrected to "Registered."

Who This Solution Applies To

Customers integrated with GoToWebinar

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That happens to us quite often, is there a way to be notified when this occurs?

Thanks in advance!

Marketo does not have a notification for this issue. Because Marketo doesn't try to log into GoToWebinar until it is time to register leads, there is no advance notice of the login issue.  You can check the Launchpoint service at that time to see the error.


What is exactly causing this issue with the GTW credentials? This happen to us quite often as well...unfortunately, when the webinar is about to be performed which is causing us lots of problems.

How can we prevent it? Although the integration provides great functionality, it is not stable at all and is causing us much pain.



The most common cause of this is a change in the credentials on the GTW side.  If you have a policy that passwords need to be changed on a regular basis, you will need to update the Marketo integration each time.