Escalating a Support Issue

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As much as we would like to have all support cases solved with a few quick response from our support team, we know that there are some cases that are going to need to be escalated to our support management team.


If you have submitted a support case and you feel that the case was improperly handled or that the solution being offered does not meet the communicated Marketo support expectations, then we would welcome the opportunity to look deeper at your specific support engagement and work with you on delivering a better resolution.


You can email to escalate your issues to our support management team.  Be sure to include your case number and the details of your escalation.


Once your support escalation case has been submitted a Marketo Support Manager will contact you within 24 business hours to address the issue.


Before you send an email to you must have a current active support case submitted or a recent support case that has been closed or is pending.  Support Escalations are focused on the handling of current or recent cases.  Brand new technical support issues that are sent to Support Escalations will be re-routed to our general case flow.