Full Details of all Marketo Support Offerings:



Global Contact


http://support.marketo.com:               Online Support Portal for Case management and Knowledgebase search

support@marketo.com:                     Email to Case Submission

supportescalations@marketo.com:   Contact Support management regarding Support services

marketocares@marketo.com:      Questions regarding Support or Community access


Regional Contact Information



Hours: M-F, 6am to 6pm Pacific

Toll Free US: +1.877.270.6586

Direct: +1.650.376.2302


Languages Supported:

English, Spanish

Observed Holidays:

New Year's Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day and the Day After

Christmas Day

Europe, Middle East, & Africa:

Hours: M-F, 8am to 5pm GMT

Europe: +353 (0)1 242 3030

UK: 0800 151 3030


Languages Supported:

English, French, German, Portuguese

Observed Holiday:

New Year's Day

Easter Monday

Christmas Day

St. Stephen's Day


Hours: M-F, 9am to 6pm Aus EST

ANZ: +61 2 8310 7646


Languages Supported:

English, Japanese

Observed Holiday:

New Year's Day                       ANZAC Day

Christmas Day                        Good Friday

Easter Monday                        Boxing Day


Hours: M-F, 9am to 6pm JST

JP: +81 3 4520 9600


Languages Supported:

Japanese, English

Observed Holiday:

New Year's Holiday                 Marine Day

Coming of Age Day                Respect for Senior Citizens Day

National Founding Day          National Holiday

Spring Equinox Day                Autumnal Equinox Day

Day of Showa                         Sports Day

Constitution Memorial Day   Culture Day

Green Day                               Labor Thanksgiving Day

Children's Day                         Emperor's Birthday

Substitute Public Holiday       Year End


After-hours Support for Production Down Issues:


Online: Enter a Support Portal Case with Priority=P1

Phone: Call Support Line and follow the P1 prompts


Initial Response SLT

We ask that you use the following priority definitions when setting your case priority:


P1Production down: Production system, application or critical feature / function is down
P2Production impaired: A major feature or function is not working correctly and is blocking full use of the Marketo system, but existing production campaigns are working correctly and other features are operational.
P3Minor issue: A minor issue is impacting usability of the system, but a workaround is available and major features/functions are working correctly.