Write entries to Activity Log when lead enters and leaves a wait step

Write entries to Activity Log when lead enters and leaves a wait step

This would make doing detailed troubleshooting so much easier.

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You can add an Interesting Moment yourself...

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I agree with the idea of an interesting moment, but I wonder if that will accumulate too much data you don't want over time or if the sales team won't want to see it. If they added activity log entries they could be the type that delete after 90 days so that you have the data long enough to find an error but not long term.

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That's a good point, it was just a stopgap idea.

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Yup ... an Interesting Moment gets exposed to Sales via MSI. This is purely for administrator troubleshooting. Don't need Sales to see how the sausage is made.

I wrapped all the wait steps with a new score field I created - "Wait Steps".

Before the wait step I increased this field (+1) and after I decreased it (-1).

If a lead has +2 it means that he's currently in wait steps in 2 different flows.

Then I created a smart list for all leads that have "Wait Steps" > 0 - this allows me to have a clear view of all the leads that are currently in some wait step.

You have 2 options now:

1. Go to each one and check the activity log to see what campaign they were recently ran through

2. Create a campaign performance report (in a daily view) and see check the People in Wait Step column - this will only give you a general understanding of the status.

Sanford Whiteman​ what you think about this solution?

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I like it! But wonder about the Remove from Flow issue (i.e. you'd want to -1 on Remove, but you'd have to know if the Flow in question had a wait step and whether they're currently in it).

I fear it's really hard to synthesize this function without it being built-in.

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