What Marketo instance am i using?

What Marketo instance am i using?


Currently im working on a staging, development and production-environment, and I have no way of telling them apart, expect looking at my account name.
I would really like, if we could get a text in the topbar, or a logo or something so I easily can see what instance/environment im currently in. I have made some mistakes because I thought i was in staging, but i was in production.

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I'd like to see this too. What some Marketo users have done is add "Sandbox" before their first name in  their user details. This way it will look like this :


True that is a solution, but atm i have normal account, a sandbox and a sandbox1, its very easy to get it wrong 🙂
For our users that access different environments, we have appended their last name with the environment that they are in to help keep them straight.  Sort of old school but can help as a temporary fix to your idea being implemented!
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