Update the Marketo Event App - make it availaible for Mobile & make the fields editable

Update the Marketo Event App - make it availaible for Mobile & make the fields editable

The Event Check-in App is a great tool when it comes to following-up quickly after an event.
However, it would be more useful and therefore more used if updates were set to be released with new features, as for example:

  • if it was available on mobile phones (and not only on tablets)
  • if we could change / add fields to the interface as for example :

- Country : In our instance, people are dispatched to Lead partitions depending on their country. But the field country is not an existing field in the app so the automatic dispatch would not work for new people created thanks to the app, which is unfortunate for an "automation" tool.

- Comments : to make the follow-up more easier and more effective it would be great that the field marketing could add information about leads requests or notes about clients or prospects potential. This would make the qualification process much quicker. 

- Opt-in : for GDPR compliance

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one way you can handle that is with a kiosk page.

If your events are more complex, why not look at other tools?

Duplicates other ideas: 



Thanks Grégoire! Most of them are pretty old or have been written by users that are inactive now so I didn't know if they would still be taken into consideration.

Some issues were first raised back in early 2014, and it seems that the app has not been updated for a long time..

Hi Josh,

Our events are not that complex and adding at least the field "country" to this app would mainly solve our issue - that's why I thought it would be interesting adding custom fields to this app. 

Thank you for your input, I'd never thought of a kiosk page. I've strated to look for more info on that topic and its seems a good solution indeed. Would you recommend to create this page as a Marketo Landing page or an external one? 

Many thanks

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