Unapprove or deactivate a form (Crash landing)

Unapprove or deactivate a form (Crash landing)

Once a form has been approved, you can create new drafts and etc, but you cannot unaprove it.

We have recently seen a form being targeted with a DOS (thousands of people starting to register to a newsletter). The issue was that the form was embedded, not hosted on a Marketo LP. With limited access to the web site during the week-end, as there is no "Stop form" or "unapprove" nor "Deativate" button onthe form, it was impossible from Marketo to stop the inbound flow.

We stopped the various lead management, data management, partition assignement, etc... campaigns that were processing these leads, meaning that we also mishandled some good leads as we have bout 400 other forms worldwide that rely on these smart campaigns.

It would have been very helpful we had had a "Stop form from taking leads" button somewhere that would have simply stopped any new leads from entering the DB through this form.

My 2 cents.


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Clone the form, delete the original. That'll work until you publish again and they discover the new ID.

Hi Sanford,

Agreed, but you are loosing reporting data.


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