URL Token type in Programs

URL Token type in Programs

The idea it to have a URL program token type, together with the existing text, text area, ... types.

Once created, such a token would either require to enter a Marketo landing page, a file from the design studio or an external URL. The Marketo landing page and the file from the design studio would be entered through picklists.

Such tokens, when used in a link within an asset (such as the href on a <a> tag in a email), would of course natively support the "clic link" and "click link in email" triggers.

Such tokens, when referring to a landing page, would change automatically values when the program is cloned to reflect the URL of the new landing page.

Would be even greater if the URL tokens would be automatically shortened through an URLM shortener.



This would fix issues such as this one : Re: Trigger Clicks Link in Email with Tokens

or this one Re: Using tokens for pdf downloads

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Oh my god, this would be solution to all problems.

Quick scalable program building AND tracking and triggering capabilities.

Please please please Marketo!

Would go well with this other idea :

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I don't understand why you think this doesn't already work?  I use URL tokens all the time.  Heck, I use them on my gated content programs.  The most junior marketing person can create their own gated asset program in minutes!

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You see the Destination-URL token?  It's nothing more than a plain-text token.

Then, on my LP, I have this:


Hi Robb,

This is not a URL token, it's a string token. It does not control the URL is correct, and you have to strip off the HTTP and then add the http in the CTAs in your email for Marketo to detect clicks.


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I ran into this today! Fortunately we are new and our consultant helped me figure out the workaround, but it seemed silly.

Added the URL shortener point.


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Would Marketo explain what Maybe One Day really means?  2 years old, good number of votes.  We understand you can't do everything and that it can't all be done as fast as we would like, but Maybe One Day just leaves us like a puppy waiting for treats.

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It's the "Maybe" I tell my kids when they ask if they can have something that's definitely a no.

It's the "Yeah, I gotta see what's going on" I tell my friend who lives 30 minutes away when he asks me to come to his house and I'm not in the mood to go that far.

It's No.

This part of the Sky UX.